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NFL Draft: TST Community Round 2, Pick 8

The Panthers selected Michael Brockers in the first round. Jshapgee adds to the defense with:


Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona St.

Pick Grade:


"The Panthers need help at LB all around so they will be picking Vontaze Burfict the LB out out Arizona St. He has dropped a lot because of behavior issues but he is an all out beast."

Analysis after the jump

I don't like Vontaze Burfict. He's a hell of player just off of talent, but he has too many problems. He had a horrible combine. He had a horrible interview and he ran an incredibly slow 40 time. I'm not so big on 40 times (as opposed to tape), but his interview problems should speak volumes about his character and it's clear he wasn't prepared at all.

In addition, he had a horrible Pro Day. He didn't look good in position drills, didn't put up much in the bench press and blamed his coaches for his lackluster season.

He has great talent, but I wouldn't even think about him until late, late in the draft.

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