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2012 NFL Draft: Ohio State OT Mike Adams The Latest Pot Smoking Pick

High times at Ohio State.
High times at Ohio State.

Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine. While twentysomething college kids should be allowed some leeway for smoking pot, nothing says dumb jock like putting something in the air right before the Combine. It could have a real impact on Adams' draft stock, which was already questionable.

More damaging than a failed drug test are the hours of tape that show Adams to be an inconsistent player. At times, Adams can flash top-end ability as a blocker. This revelation is bound to add to the narrative of a player whose work ethic was already being questioned.

Adams had a shot to go at the end of the first round. He still might as teams and coaches get a better sense of their ability to coax his potential into a consistent player. It is not far fetched to think that the St. Louis Rams would have a chance to draft Adams with either one of their early second-round picks, giving Paul Boudreau yet another tackle to develop.

As I've said before, I have no issues with players smoking pot. In fact, teams pass over a lot of good prospects because their Carrie Nation instincts take over on draft day. The difference between guys like Janoris Jenkins or Randy Moss is that their talent bleeds through the tape, making it more than enough to ignore a failed drug test for THC. Adams cannnot make that claim. He was in the category of players that needed to assure teams through the spring workouts and pro day events.