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Turf Show Radio NFL Draft Preview Spectacular - Sunday, 5pm ET

Tsr_logo_medium's NFL Draft tiiiiiime in the Cityyyyyyyy...who's the pick...I'm feeling sick...soon it will be NFL Draft Daaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Yes, the NFL Draft is a bit like Christmas. Sure you get picks instead of presents. And no, you don't get to wake up at 6am to get a look at them. But you do get a plump white man who wears weird outfits and does his job best by not being seen or heard. But it's the fun of getting stuff, and really that's what Christmas is about. What? The spirit of doing what now? Do you work for ABC Family? WTF is the aroma? Get out of my face with that crap.

So we'll be talking our Christmas, the NFL Draft, this Sunday at 5pm ET on Turf Show Radio.

Mock drafts? Yup. Prospect discussion galore? Uh huh. Artisanal mayo? Sure, why the hell not.

More important is opening up the airwaves to you guys. This is likely the last chance for you guys to make your case for who you want the Rams to take at #6, who you want them to grab in day 2 and what kind of draft you'd like to see overall.

So call in at (724) 444-7444, enter the show ID and pound symbol (97249#), and then enter your TalkShoe ID (if you don't have one, enter 1# to call in as a guest). And as always, the chat room's a, um, lively place to discuss...stuff.

And if you can't make it but have a question you want answered in the podcast, leave it here and we'll get to it on air.

If you need to get caught up, you can grab the last 14 episodes of Turf Show Radio from our iTunes page. Last year at this time, we struggled to get Donovan Fletcher, Bradley Fletcher's brother, on the show. So I sang Neil Diamond. That's the kind of stuff we do.

So get at us. Let's talk draft. And artisanal mayo. You know, the important stuff.


(NOTE: Smiff620's FanPost explains how to get on the show and in the chat room. If you're confused about the format or new to the show, this should be required reading. Thanks, Smiff)