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Random Ramsdom, April 18th: New Rams Schedule and much more

Hey everybody! Last night the NFL released their schedule in what how now become a big event for fans and media members alike. Seriously...all it is is a schedule, and people go nuts over it! This is a great example of why the NFL is the biggest and most popular sports league in America, with there being no distant second.

Anyways, here's the Rams schedule. This year there is only one prime time game (FYI, every team is guaranteed a prime time game now). The season starts with the Rams on the road in Detroit to face the Lions September 9th. It can't come soon enough.

On to the links.

Mike Sando: Rams schedule analysis

Sando went through the Rams schedule shortly after it came out. He has some complaints such as having to finish the season with 3 of 4 games on opposite coast, but overall, there is no major issues.

Bryan Burwell: Rams need to upgrade everywhere

There is great optimism surrounding the Rams and for good reason. Many positive moves have occurred, but Burwell reminds us of how far there is yet to go. Every position needs an upgrade. He also had a very interesting point about the talent vs need approach.

When you are 2-14, that means you are a bad team with a lot of holes to fill up and down the roster. You don't have time to fret over "need" because "talent" has to be the primary objective. And Fisher clearly agrees, since he told our own Jim Thomas recently, "I don't think we can pass on any position at that pick because of our need."

Rams defensive coaches work well together (

Since the Rams decided to not hire another DC after the Gregg Williams suspension, the defense is now handled by a teamwork of coaches, including Jeff Fisher, who will be more hands on than anticipated. There is no issue with that so far say James Laurinaitis.

"You're hearing stuff from a couple different people, but they're all speaking the same language," middle linebacker James Laurinaitis said. "People have either been brought up in this defense or have played in variations of it. You get bits and pieces from everybody."

Rams resign Kellen Clemens

The Rams announced that Kellen Clemens has resigned with the team. He has experience with Brain Schottenheimer's offense and will be a solid backup.

Top value prospects in the draft (ESPN *insider needed to read)

ESPN's KC Joyner had a fantastic post about the best value picks in the draft. So many times we get caught up with the top players in the draft that we forget this is a 7 round process and value needs to be found in every round.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!!