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St. Louis Rams 2012 Schedule

Jeff Fisher does not care about your, or anyone else's, schedule.
Jeff Fisher does not care about your, or anyone else's, schedule.

The games are all lined up for the St. Louis Rams in 2012.

They have the fourth most difficult schedule in the league, according to John Clayton, thanks to games against the NFC North and the AFC East. Fortunately, the rest of the NFC West plays those teams as well.

The schedule makers gave the Rams one prime time game this season, scheduled for the Thursday night contest in Week 5 on the NFL Network.

Check out the complete schedule after the jump.

Date/Time (ET)
Week H/A Opponent TV
Sep. 9, 1pm
1 A Detroit Lions Fox
Sep.16, 4:05pm 2 H Washington Redskins Fox
Sep. 23, 1pm 3 A Chicago Bears Fox
Sep. 30, 1pm 4 H Seattle Seahawks Fox
Oct. 4, 8:20pm 5 H Arizona Cardinals NFL
Oct. 14, 1pm 6 A Miami Dolphins Fox
Oct. 21, 1pm 7 H Green Bay Packers Fox
Oct. 28, 1pm 8 H New England Patriots CBS
Nov. 11, 4:15pm 10 A San Francisco 49ers Fox
Nov. 18, 1pm 11 H New York Jets CBS
Nov. 25, 4:15pm 12 A Arizona Cardinals Fox
Dec. 2, 1pm 13 H San Francisco 49ers Fox
Dec. 9, 1pm 14 A Buffalo Bills Fox
Dec. 16, 1pm 15 H Minnesota Vikings Fox
Dec. 23, 1pm 16 A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fox
Dec. 30, 4:15pm 17 A Seattle Seahawks Fox

A couple thoughts:

  • 5 home games to 3 away games before the midseason bye. Does that lend itself to a favorable first half or a brutal stretch run?
  • Speaking of, four of five at home heading into the bye sets the Rams up for a favorable stretch, though they do finish with Green Bay and New England (in London) before the week off.
  • Will the Rams get a taste of Tebow in mid-November? My money, and all of my hopes, are on yes.
  • The final four games, should the Rams be in any contention for the playoffs, are stacked with drama. Especially...
  • A week 17 replay of the 2010 week 17 contest. Will the stakes be as high? Will the result be reversed?

What are your initial reactions?

Where's the toughest stretch?

Does this affect your outlook on the Rams' chances in 2012?