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2012 NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Are The Eagles A Potential Trade Partner For The Rams?

Mississippi State defensive lineman Fletcher Cox would look good in a Wide 9.
Mississippi State defensive lineman Fletcher Cox would look good in a Wide 9.

Not too long along, the Philadelphia Eagles were being mentioned as a possible trade-up team, connected to Ryan Tannehill as an eventual replacement for Michael Vick. That rumor has since been pushed back into the lamp, but a new rumor involving Philadelphia is bubbling up that could be very fortuitous for the St. Louis Rams.

According to Tony Pauline of, who has become something of an NFL Draft version of TMZ, says that the Eagles could still trade into the top ten, only their target would be Mississippi State DT Fletcher Cox.

Trading up to the sixth spot might be a possibility given the Rams' interest in Cox. That would virtually guarantee the Eagles Cox, if they had the sixth pick.

In reality, the Eagles can probably afford to wait. Jacksonville's seventh pick is up for grabs.

Like all the other draft day scenarios, the linchpin here seems to be what happens with Ryan Tannehill. If Cleveland takes him with the fourth pick, something that seems less and less likely, another team could still move up to draft him. Or, they could try to wait it out and move as he fell a little further.

If Tannehill goes before the Rams pick, they would likely have their choice of either Trent Richardson or Morris Claiborne. If that happens, trades would likely happen after the Rams' sixth pick.

Unless ... no, we can carve this thing up a thousand ways. Let's just see what happens.