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2012 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams Like A.J. Jenkins

A.J. Jenkins #8 of the Illinois Fighting Illini is on the Rams' radar as a potential third-round pick.
A.J. Jenkins #8 of the Illinois Fighting Illini is on the Rams' radar as a potential third-round pick.

Searching for wide receivers has become an ongoing sideshow for the St. Louis Rams. The team drafted a quarterback with the first overall pick in 2010, and are still trying to find someone beyond Danny Amendola for him to throw to, little wonder that the task now falls to a completely new coaching staff. According to Tony Pauline of, the Rams have a certain affinity for Illinois receiver A.J. Jenkins.

Pauline says that the Rams will take Jenkins if he is available when they pick in the third round. St. Louis has pick #65, the second pick of the third round. Here's the catch: Jenkins may not be there when the draft rolls into its third frame.

Jenkins is moving up draft boards following a very good showing at the Illini pro day this spring. Pauline's report notes that he could be off the board in the second round.

Measuring 6'0" 190 lbs, Jenkins is not the biggest receiver in the class, but he makes up for that with good route ability and soft hands.

Mocking the Draft put Jenkins on their underrated team. Here's what they said about him:

People are starting to catch on to A.J. Jenkins, but it's still fair to call him one of the sleepers of this draft class. A fluid route runner, Jenkins displays incredible hands and ability to make plays in traffic. His speed and strength are weapons of his, and he is versatile enough to play in the slot and on the boundary. Jenkins has a real chance of becoming a No. 2 receiver early in his NFL career and for the small price of a day two pick.

CBS Sports compares Jenkins to Brandon Lloyd in this scouting report.

More than anything, Pauline's report makes me wonder about what the team has in store for their first three picks, specifically, are there any receivers high enough on the Rams' draft board that would be picked if available. And if they did pick a receiver earlier than the third round, would they still draft Jenkins?

We should know more in a little over a week.