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St. Louis Rams 2012 Schedule Released Tomorrow

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Some merry internet prankster had a lot of us fooled with a sneak peak at the 2012 NFL schedule a couple weeks ago. It was quickly proven to be bogus. The world is reportedly going to get a sneak peak at the real 2012 NFL schedule on Tuesday night.

If you read the tea leaves, or precedent, then Tuesday night fits the bill. Last year the NFL released the schedule on a Tuesday night the week before the draft. The irony being at the time that it looked incredibly bleak that the NFL would be playing any games next season.

ESPN has a special block of time carved out on Tuesday night for a three-hour NFL schedule special. Three hours. This is the offseason. Credit the marketing power of the NFL.

As for the Rams, we already know what teams they will play this season. The get the NFC North and the AFC East this season, with the October game against the Patriots happening in London, in case you forgot that whole incident.

What we'll know tomorrow is when they play those teams and when their bye is.