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Random Ramsdom, 4/14: Draft Rumors, Scouting Reports And More

Less than two weeks until the 2012 NFL Draft. Are the St. Louis Rams ready?
Less than two weeks until the 2012 NFL Draft. Are the St. Louis Rams ready?

Friday the 13th has come and gone, and it was mostly pretty meh. As far as St. Louis Rams news goes, it was mostly head coach Jeff Fisher who dished on Friday morning's Mike and Mike show. But that was yesterday. Today, we have a whole new smattering of links to read as we enter the last stretch leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft.

After the jump, we break down the latest draft rumors, check out a re-do of the 2009 draft and scouting reports.

Dennis Dixon still on the Rams' radar - The Rams like backup quarterback Dennis Dixon, but he remains unsigned. Baltimore is the latest team to express interest in the former Steelers backup.

Ronde Barber says Bucs "probably" will take Morris Claiborne | ProFootballTalk - Ronde Barber isn't a regular presence inside the Buccaneers' draft room, but he says the team will take LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne. That assumes Claiborne is there when they pick fifth. If there really is anything to this business of the Rams trading up, you have to wonder if Claiborne isn't on their radar.

2009 NFL Draft Re-D0 - The 2009 NFL Draft was famously bad for first-round talent. In this scenario, the Rams take wide receiver Mike Wallace with their second pick. Eh, I'd probably go with Jeremy Maclin or Hakeem Nicks over Wallace.

Ranking the Top 10 Defensive Backs - Wes Bunting at the National Football Post looks at the top ten defensive backs in the draft. If the Rams do not draft Morris Claiborne, there is plenty of cornerback talent to be had this year. They could find some players with one of their two second-round picks or even get quality players in the third round or later.

2012 NFL Draft Prospect Player Profiles - If you want more scouting reports in video form, click here. All of the Rams' potential first-round picks get the treatment here.