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Random Ramsdom, 4/12: Old Rumors New Again

An old trade rumor involving the St. Louis Rams gets new breath of life this week.
An old trade rumor involving the St. Louis Rams gets new breath of life this week.

We have a ton of links for your breakfast reading this morning. As you might expect, a healthy number of them are focused on the 2012 NFL Draft, but there's one item in particular that St. Louis Rams fans will want to pay close attention to, and it has to do with that whole Danny Amendola - Wes Welker - Patriots talk that surfaced a while back.

We're out in the field to tape some more goodness for our YouTube channel. Feel free to suggest some topics in the comments below.

No movement on a contract between Welker, Patriots - Let the drama continue. Wes Welker is not signing his franchise tag offer, not yet anyway. He has until July 15 to do so. Welker wants a long-term deal from the Patriots, and there's no telling whether or not they'll pony up the dough. If not, expect the Danny Amendola talk to continue. Amendola has until April 20 to sign or receiver restricted free agent offers.

Trent Richardson, Top-Ranked Running Back in 2012 Draft - Read this post from Matt Waldman, blogging at the New York Times. He runs through what makes Richardson such a special player. As far as comparisons, he take a different angle than Mike Mayock did; Waldman compares him to Ricky Williams "in his prime."

NFL DRAFT: Late Round Sleepers that can stick - Jeff Fisher loves him some late-round picks. The difference with previous administrations is that his late-round tend to morph into good players.

Confident Corner, Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina - Deion Sanders, loved Josh Norman at the NFL Combine, and even Mike Mayock said that you have to love his cockiness. What do the fans think? What round does Josh Norman get drafted?

2012 NFL Draft: Vikings Best Options Are Matt Kalil Or A Trade Down - The Minnesota Vikings have the third pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, and the first pick that offers any element of surprise. Which way should they go with their pick?

One Expert Says Vikings, Dolphins Could Swap First Round Picks - It's possible, but the Dolphins have not made many overtures toward Ryan Tannehill. Not they they need to given Mike McCarthy's presence. If this did happen, the Rams might have an outside shot at Matt Kalil.

Justin Bannan signs one-year deal with Denver Broncos - Justin Bannan expects his second stint with the Denver Broncos to go much better than his first. Duh, Peyton Manning is the quarterback. It does make you wonder if the Donkeys won't let Marcus Thomas get away now, but the Rams addition of Trevor Laws makes it unlikely that the team will pick up another depth guy.