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2012 NFL Draft: Mike Mayock Really, Really Likes Trent Richardson

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NFL Network's draft guru Mike Mayock has a thing for Alabama running back Trent Richardson. That isn't breaking news. Mayock has been singing the praises of the draft's top running back since before the Combine. In a recent interview, he added a little more to his description of Richardson, including the coveted comparison.

Here's what Mayock told this week:

Richardson might be the best non-quarterback in the draft. He won't make it past 6. He's as close as I've seen to Adrian Peterson. He's a three-down guy. He pass-protects. He's a bear with the ball in his hands and he's an adequate pass-catcher.

The idea of picking a running back sixth overall is anathema to some fans, based on the declining value of the position. However, talent is talent, and the Rams offense could do with an infusion of skill, regardless.

Something else to consider in the Blackmon debate, is that if the Oklahoma State receiver is nothing more than a possession receiver, which the Rams already have plenty of, then a more versatile player like Richardson could bring more to the offense right away.