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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Don Banks Goes Back To Blackmon

Just how much really separates Greg Salas from Justin Blackmon?
Just how much really separates Greg Salas from Justin Blackmon?

It seems like a 2012 NFL Mock Draft comes out every hour on the hour these days. Mock drafts are kind of the thing this season much more so than in past years. As a curator of information, I try to weed out noise. When Don Banks at rolls out a mock draft, I generally think it's worth a look. And who does Banks project for the St. Louis Rams in his latest mock?

In case you didn't read the headline, it's ...

Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Meh.

Here's Banks:

The gap between Blackmon and the rest of the receivers in the first round seems to be closing as we approach mid-April, but it still makes sense to me to have the ex-Oklahoma Sooner QB in St. Louis throwing to the ex-OSU Cowboy receiver.

I've heard several things about the Rams and Blackmon, all from places I trust. Some say the Rams like Blackmon, but not enough for the sixth pick.

As I've said before, Blackmon has a fine NFL future ahead of him, but I think he's too similar to their current collection of possession types. In fact, I wonder whether or not Greg Salas is a huge drop off from Blackmon in terms of his complete potential.