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Random Ramsdom, 4/10: Just Visiting

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The pre-draft hoopla is exploding. With barely two weeks to go until the 2012 NFL Draft teams and scouts and fans are busy slotting their draft boards and a conjuring up all kinds of exciting scenarios to take their teams to the next level. And what about the St. Louis Rams? The new regime there is working hard to break with the past and build a new future. They got a head start last month with a blockbuster trade out of the second spot. Now, what to do with the sixth pick?

Options. Gotta have options.

Rams begin pre-draft visits - The Rams have a variety of picks coming to town in the weeks ahead, including Ohio State tackle Mike Adams. He might be an option for the Rams in the early part of the second round.

Miami Dolphins might want to ‘overpay’ for Ryan Tannehill - Odd to think of Steven Ross running a football team on a budget. I guess you don't get rich by giving money away to, you know, quarterbacks. Miami probably won't be trading up for Tannehill, if this report is correct come April 26, which takes away one potential dance partner for the Rams' sixth pick. news: What will Vikings do with third overall pick in 2012 draft? - Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are coming off the board with the top two picks of the 2012 draft, so the Vikings are on the clock at No. 3. What will Minnesota do? Michael Lombardi weighs in.

Louisiana-Lafayette CB Dwight Bentley Visiting Rams Today - Jeff Fisher has hit it big with small school cornerbacks before. He just paid one of them $50 million in free agency. Dwight Bentley visits Rams Park today.

Other Teams Trade Interest In #3 Pick Is Waning - Vikings general manager Rick Spielman has talked extensively about how the Vikings will explore trading down. Unfortunately, interest in their pick is soft at best.