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NFL Draft: TST Community Round 2, Pick 7

The Rams look for more offense after picking Stephen Hill out of Georgia Tech. With the pick the Rams received in the Redskins trade, Charlie Pankey selects:


Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

Pick Grade:


Jackson will be a stud this season but he is on the decline. Martin is a NFL ready back that will come in day one and give the Rams a solid Third Down or transition Back. Not as flashy as a LaMichael James from Oregon, but a better running back. Martin will lower his pads and flat out play football. He will take over as starter for the Rams after Jackson is finished and reminds me of Ray Rice a bit in his style of running. He plays fast, runs low, is natural through the line of scrimmage and Martin looks natural in blitz pick-up as well and slides his feet well laterally, is patient into contact and can anchor with success. He's comfortable out of the backfield as well plucking the football and isn't going to create one-on-one, but is effective in the screen game.

Analysis after the jump.

I'm part of the group that thinks the Rams should draft Trent Richardson (assuming everything plays out like it is assumed with the first five picks), so I like Martin here. I think he could very well end up being Jackson's replacement down the line and is a good weapon to add to the offense.

On the other hand, I think other picks might be good here as well. Perhaps someone like Fletcher Cox, who could fill that final DT spot. It's tough given all the Rams problems and Martin is a good player, but it's hard when the Rams must find even more talent later on to have a chance at shoring up all their problems.

In recap, the Rams selected: Morris Claiborne (6), Stephen Hill (33) and Doug Martin (39). A very good job by Charlie Pankey if you ask me.

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