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Random Ramsdom - April 1st


So we all decided to sleep in on this beautiful Sunday morning...and into the early afternoon too! The Live Mock draft we held on the spur of the moment yesterday was loads of fun. I got a chance to get to know some more of the TST hoards. The worst part of a Live draft is getting everyone ready to go. It's like trying to get a herd cats to walk in a straight line.

When the news broke last night that the Rams were in talks with Pittsburgh Steelers WR Mike Wallace, we were too busy to pay attention. We scoffed at the news that Miami had traded their first round draft picks for 2012, 2013 and 2014 to the Rams to exchange draft positions. Even when Ryan called me to say that he loved my work so much that he wanted to buy me a new car, I merely shrugged and hung up the phone. Why you ask?

APRIL FOOLS DAY of course! None of it is true, except Ryan did want to buy me a car, but has a thing about people hanging up on him - so I guess the Yugo will have to last a while longer...

Onto a few links for your Sunday afternoon, or late morning, brunch!

What do All-Pro teams tell us about the NFL Draft? - This article on how Pro - Bowl players and the position they were drafted showed something that is totally amazing and thoroughly shocking: 1st round draft picks usually wind up being good players! I know! Wow, right?

2012 Free-agency Assessment - NFL Nation Blog - Mike Sando/ESPN - Mike gives his grades for NFC West team's performance in this wild and woolly 2012 off season. The Rams haven't done all that bad according to Sando?

NFL Draft: Ranking the tight end class by tiers - National Football Post It looks like Coby Fleener is the at the top of a decent Tight Ends class, so will he last till the second round for the Colts to match him up with his former college QB?

NFL Draft: Breaking down a Jenkins 'pick six' - Another article from the great NFP, this time featuring the human, draft day jump ball himself - Janoris Jenkins. How many teams are willing to take a gamble on the talented, though maturity challenged, corner back?

Mocking the Draft: Scouting Report on Fletcher Cox - The 6'3+, 298 pounds defensive tackle from Mississippi State has quite a few teams salivating over the prospect of landing him on Draft Day

...and finally, 2012 NFL Draft footage of Trent Richardson for fans of the Alabama star running back - Enjoy!