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2012 NFL Draft: St. Louis Rams And Washington Redskins Strike A Deal

Believe it!
Believe it!

The St. Louis Rams and the Washington Redskins have agreed to a deal for the Rams' second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Rams had discussed the possibility of dealing the pick early, and it looks like they have done just that.

According to Jay Glazer at Fox, the Rams will receive Washington's sixth pick in this year's draft, as well as two additional first-round picks. There are other picks involved in the deal, one is believed to be the Redskins' second-round pick.

The deal can only be in principal at this point. It cannot be finalized until the league year begins on March 13, next Tuesday.

All along the Rams have said that a deal did not necessarily have to wait until the day of the draft. Undoubtedly greasing the skids for the deal was the rejection, albeit a soft one, from Peyton Manning, if Washington ever really fancied him. Jeff Fisher's friendship with Mike Shanahan undoubtedly helped as well.