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Peyton Manning Rumors: NFC West Bound?

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The Peyton Manning rumors are out of control. The St. Louis Rams appear to be one of the few teams in the league NOT bidding on Manning's services. Of course, the Rams aren't really a suitable match given their track for the future rather than the now. The Manning sweepstakes does impact the Rams in at least a couple ways.

Let's review.

First and foremost, it looks like neither the Cleveland Browns or the Washington Redskins will be landing Manning. That is a positive development for the Rams as those two teams are the early favorites for swinging a deal for St. Louis' second pick in the draft and the ability to build their teams around Robert Griffin III, the Baylor quarterback.

The Rams could be seeing lots of Peyton Manning in their future, however. Right now, the Arizona Cardinals are considered one of several leading bidders for his services. Kent Sommers puts the chances at 50-50, but ultimately does not see the Cardinals plucking another veteran quarterback out of free agency to lead them to glory again.

On Thursday, the Seattle Times reported that the Seahawks were one of several teams interested in Manning and will pursue. Seattle has been linked to free agent defensive end Mario Williams as well. They would probably have to choose one or the others. Personally, I'd rather see the Seahawks land Manning than a premier pass rusher at the high point of his career.