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James Laurinaitis talks about Gregg Williams, Jeff Fisher

This morning, FA OLB Brady Poppinga discussed the bounty situation hanging over Rams Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams' head, and even found a way to bring James Laurinaitis into the mix.

Leave it to friend of TST and traditional media superstar Bernie Miklasz to get Laurinaitis on the mic. Not long ago, the Rams' defensive centerpiece joined the Bernie Miklasz show on 101.1 ESPN Radio in St. Louis to discuss just about everything related to the Rams and the NFL.

You can read the transcript here, and the audio's posted here as well. As you would (or at least should) expect, Laurinaitis played this interview like he always does - focused, classy and straightforward.

The interview started off discussing tornado relief and what JL55 and the Rams have been doing. Dude knows his talking points.

Personally, I found his answer to the question on whether or not he'll be paying attention to the Rams' offseason moves the most interesting. Here's a portion of that answer:

You’re always interested to see what new teammates you will have, you’re interested to see what direction the team is going to go, how aggressive are we going to be in free agency, how are we going to do in the draft, and I’m really kind of feeling what are we going to build around, what players are we going to have to go forward and try to win a championship here.

I'd love to get his answer on what last offseason taught him not just in terms of what you're going to build around (Kendricks-Pettis-Salas is a pretty blunt message), but how you approach that and the opportunity costs of committing to that.

That aside, this 2012 offseason will be more of a reflection of the new leadership among the coaching staff and in the front office than it will the state of the team.