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NFL Free Agents 2012: Vincent Jackson & Cortland Finnegan A Package Deal ... For Tampa Bay?

Tennessee Titans free agent Cortland Finnegan was once considered a top target for the St. Louis Rams in free agency. That might not be the case anymore, as Jason Cole from Yahoo Sports said on Thursday that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be the leading team for Finnegan's services.

Too bad, because Finnegan is trying to lure another top free agent to play with him on his new team, a player that could really benefit the Rams ... and someone the Rams have looked at in the past.

Tampa is in obvious need of a cornerback, especially after the latest accusation against Aqib Talib, that he threatened to "put a cap" in a woman involved in a traffic dispute. Morris Claiborne figures to be off the board when Tampa picks in the fifth spot in the draft.

The Buccaneers do have the cap room to sign both Finnegan and Vincent Jackson, who figure to be among the most handsomely paid fee agents on the market this year. Cole also cites Chicago as a possibility given their cap space and need at both positions.

Free agency starts on March 13.