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Gregg Williams Is Not 'Running An AIDS Convention Here'

Coach speak. It's a term we hear all the time. Usually, it has to do with the mechanics of things on the field or the talking points thrown out after a game. For St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator, "coach speak" has a whole new meaning in light of the NFL investigation revealing a bounty program he ran while defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints.

One piece of Williams' "coach speak" could have him in a heap of trouble. Some other "coach speak" is just down right amusing.

Further details in the NFL investigation revealed that Williams was not truthful with investigators looking into allegations of a bounty program run by the Saints' defense.

At one point in the investigation, Williams, his linebackers coach Joe Vitt (interim Rams head coach) and defensive end Anthony Hargrove (former Ram) all denied that they had a bounty program in New Orleans, as reported by PFT.

Williams changed his tune on Friday, when the NFL released their report. Via official statement released by the Rams, Williams fessed up to the charges and admitted his wrongdoing. He had no other choice.

At any rate, Williams' previous denials to NFL investigators could hurt his case when Goodell makes his decision about a punishment.

Finally, in more light hearted "coach speak" from Williams, the Washington Post was unable to print a few stories-quotes, recounted by players in their reporting about Williams running a bounty program while he was with the Redskins.

Mike Wise from the Post shared via Twitter this week.

FYI - Gregg Williams is not running an AIDS convention.

Ok, I'm sure much worse than that gets said on the practice field, in the huddle, etc. But still, it's funny when pissed off adults get their insult phraseology confused.