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Cortland Finnegan Says No Bounties In Tennessee, Not Even For Andre Johnson

Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan made an appearance on DC sports talk radio Wednesday morning, starting his free agent media tour no doubt. Naturally, the subject of player bounties came up, and Finnegan emphatically denied that any such incentive was used during his six seasons with the Titans.

Finnegan also talked about free agency and where he might land for 2012.

Finnegan stressed the absence of a bounty program in Tennessee.

No sir, no sir. There wasn't. There just wasn't. That just wasn't part of what we were doing then when I got there. We had a lot of guys - Keith Bulluck, Kyle Vanden Bosch - and those guys really setting the tone and leading the way. So there was none of that, no sir.

As far as his free agent preferences, Finnegan left things open.

There's 31 other teams right now that I definitely have interest in, and whatever team has a need in that position, hopefully they're targeting me and I'm targeting them.