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Peyton Manning: Washington Redskins Will Pursue Free Agent Quarterback

Peyton Manning is continuing to cause problems for Jeff Fisher, even with his team. According to the Washington Post, the Redskins will pursue the long-time Colts quarterback before attempting to make a trade with the St. Louis Rams for Robert Griffin III.

That news likely means the Rams will not be getting a deal done until Manning's fate is known. It also means their asking price may have just gone down.

According to the report, Dan Snyder is expected to be "aggressive" in chasing Manning. When Dan Snyder gets aggressive, watch out.

Of course, Washington will not be the only team chasing Manning. Arizona, Miami, the New York Jets and Seattle are also said to be interested in the free agent quarterback.

Manning will ultimately determine his next destination. You can expect the financial offers to be relatively equal. Sort of like Jeff Fisher in the coaching search, there will be way more than money on Manning's mind when he makes a decision. Offensive line, playmakers and a team's willingness to add talent will be key. Weather conditions and the strength of the division might also factor into the equation.

Washington's toughest obstacle might be the presence of Eli Manning in New York. In the past, it's been said that Peyton did not want to play his younger brother twice a year.

Back to the Rams. If Washington is out of the mix, that takes away one of the prime suitor for the RG3 pick. Without their willingness to spend, it would be tough to coax the desired package in picks away from the Browns.