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2012 NFL Mock Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 23

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The Browns picked Melvin Ingram with the 22nd pick yesterday. Today, alex.lanser is picking for the Lions:


Nick Perry, DE, USC

Pick Grade:


"I don't see any offensive linemen worth picking here, and Melvin Ingram is not available anymore. It comes down to the best available player on defense (probably other than a DT). The Lions just franchised Cliff Avril, but Kyle Vanden Bosch is almost done and the Lions rotate their DEs frequently. Perry had a great combine and has a lot of potential to succeed in the Lions system where their DEs attack the edge so frequently."

Analysis after the jump

This is a tough pick for the Lions. They need offensive line help, but most of the prospects worth this pick are gone from those positions. Nick Perry seems like he would fit in the Lions rotation, and it's a good value pick given how well Perry performed at the combine.

I'd expect the Lions to also look at Mark Barron, or given how our draft has shaken out, a DT, just because they represent the best value.

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