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2012 NFL Draft: The Pro Days That Mattered To The Rams Today

Today, Arkansas and Georgia Tech hosted pro days for draft eligible players. Instead of writing about every pro day hosted, I decided it would be more important to talk about the pro days that the St. Louis Rams scouts decided to go to.

Right now I found three pro days that the Rams scouts decided to visit today. All three of the schools that the Rams visited are hosting some pretty good wide receivers, which should be good news for those that want the Rams to add weapons for Sam Bradford later in the draft.

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Follow the jump for pro day information, and players that I think the Rams will look at.

Arkansas Pro Day

The Razorbacks have a trio of wide receivers that the Rams should be interested in. The Razorbacks biggest play maker Joe Adams, set out to best his 40 yard dash, but he ran a 4.55. He said that he added 10 pounds.

Jarious Wright, decided to stand by his combine numbers for every event during the pro day. At the combine he ran a 4.42, he should be a solid player in the NFL.

The player who gained the most at this pro day is Greg Childs. He had a disappointing year coming back from a leg injury. He improved over his combine numbers and ran a 4.41. Childs should be available in the 5th or lower rounds and could also become a solid player, maybe even a steal.

Illinois Pro Day

A.J Jenkins is most likely the only player that the Rams are looking at. Another mid range guy who is trying to improve his stock, he ran a 4.39 in the combine and decided to stand by many of his numbers that he got there. Jenkins could become a solid player, but I don't know as much about him as fellow TST writer Brick Top does.

Georgia Tech

Unless you have been sleeping in a cave, you should know who the Rams were scouting at this pro day.

Stephen Hill reportedly, had a great pro day. He weighed 6 less pounds than he did at the combine and caught every ball thrown to him at his pro day. Hill is an interesting prospect, he doesn't have a large sample size available on him, but with his upside he could become a steal in the 2nd round, if he's available.

WR Stephen Hill is projected as a late first-round pick, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said at Tech’s pro day. "He’s a little bit raw but as intriguing as can be," Mayock said. "He’s just kind of overwhelming from a height-weight-speed and upside perspective. I think he runs too well and catches too well to get out of the first."