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NFL Free Agents 2012: Is Randy Moss Back?

Is Randy Moss headed back to the NFL?
Is Randy Moss headed back to the NFL?

Uh oh. To the surprise of many, the agent wide receiver Randy Moss was lights out in his Tuesday workout with the New Orleans Saints. If Moss has a second wind at 35, teams could find a use for him as a role player on their roster. Could the St. Louis Rams be one of those teams?

In his press conference at the NFL Combine this year, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was asked about the possibility of reuniting with Moss, whom he coached in Tennessee. Fisher was pretty vague on the specifics, citing a number of free agents that the team would review. He did at least leave open the possibility.

Fisher said, "You guys know my familiarity with Randy. I thought he was great for our locker room."

Oh boy. As if the Rams needed another sideshow to go with the Gregg Williams fiasco. Still, if Moss has something left to give, he could be a low-cost addition as a role player.

The real question is whether or not he still has his downfield speed. According to the reports out of New Orleans, he sure looks like.

Moss is reported to have at least two more visits lined up in the days ahead. If he continues to light it up, he can expect more visits. Should the Rams be one of those?