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Random Ramsdom, 3/6: Gregg Williams, Give Us Our Headlines Back

Gregg Williams put the St. Louis Rams on the front page for something other than their second pick in the draft.
Gregg Williams put the St. Louis Rams on the front page for something other than their second pick in the draft.

We knew the media attention over the St. Louis Rams' second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft could only sustain itself for so long. The back and forth of public negotiations over the price of trading up to draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III dominated the conversation, and it will again as April 26 gets closer. Sort of ironic that the Rams got bumped off the front page by their new defensive coordinator's bounty program, no?

Gregg Williams and his bounties dominate today, but we also have some stories to share about non-bounty related stuff after the jump.

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Bernie Bytes: Will Rams fire Williams? - Short answer, no. Miklasz has a great take on the situation. Gregg Williams is Jeff Fisher's friend. Both men emerged from Buddy Ryan's womb, where they were genetically coded to be hard asses who like their football more rough than finesse. There is nothing wrong with that per se, no matter what Tony Dungy and the moral majority think ... except for the bounties, which are clearly illegal. Even with a suspension, Dave McGinnis will take over, keeping Williams' seat warm for when he returns.

Still OK to embrace Finnegan's rough edge? - Mike Sando wonders if the fallout from Williams' bounty program will change the nature of free agency for the Rams. Specifically, he mentions whether or not the Rams can afford to take a chance on a player like Cortland Finnegan, known for his rough edges and fearsome style of play. I highly doubt that Jeff Fisher will change the style of players he covets based on Williams' transgressions, but the potential for increased league scrutiny is there.

Saints took common practice of bounties to new, dangerous level - That Saints bounty system is far from an isolated incident, except that an assistant coach was allegedly leading it. Mike Freeman says Sean Payton is likely to pay the heaviest price when punishment is handed down later this month.

Ten high-profile prospects with pivotal pro days - The Combine was only the start. Now, teams turn their attention to pro day events for a closer look at draft prospects. Of the ten names on this list, eight of them will be of interest to the Rams, including Justin Blackmon and Michael Brockers. They all have some questions that need to be answered ahead of the 2012 NFL Draft.