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VIDEO: Talking Gregg Williams Bounty Program

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It's been a few hours since there was any news on the Gregg Williams bounty program front. How did you survive? Williams was in New York today to meet with the NFL in more detail about the bounty program as well as reports of bounty programs he ran in Washington and Buffalo.

Gregg Williams is going to be in some trouble when this whole this is said done.

For an update of where things stand, SB Nation's YouTube pros put together a short video examining the situation and what lies ahead.

Hit the jump to give it a look see. Be sure to subscribe to TST on YouTube as well as SB Nation's YouTube channel, where the pros are doing some fine work, entertaining too.

Before I forget, give us your questions for this week's episode of TST. Draft, free agency, get them in to us so we can answer them on the air.

We'll have plenty more on the Williams situation as it develops, and it is expected to develop fast as the NFL looks to hand out discipline some time this month.