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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Is Justin Blackmon Back In The Picture With The Sixth Pick?

I cranked out another 2012 NFL Mock Draft over at SB Nation, this time supposing a trade between the St. Louis Rams and the Washington Redskins. Such a move would put the Rams in the sixth spot in the draft, assuming they stay there, and force some tough decisions.

A tough decision like who to pick in that spot.

Unlike the second or the fourth spot, the sixth spot might not have a clear answer in terms of a pick. At four, the Rams can get Morris Claiborne. At six, the LSU corner would most likely already be off the board. Ditto Trent Richardson.

I would not rule out Quinton Coples or another outside pass rusher with the sixth pick, as illogical for a team with Chris Long and Robert Quinn. But the lure of inexpensive pass rushers is a strong one. There is the possibility for a defensive tackle. That seems a bit high for Michael Brockers or any other defensive tackle in this draft.

I went back to Justin Blackmon for this mock draft. I realize that will not be a popular pick, not right now anyway.

But what happens after Friday? That's the day that Blackmon has his pro day in Stillwater (TST might be in attendance, stay tuned). He could answer some questions with a strong showing there. If he does, watch the process of conventional wisdom shifting.

First, a few of the top opinion makers will soften up. Nobody will put him in the same category as Larry Fitzgerald or A.J. Green, but people will start to see Blackmon as a viable option as the best receiver in the draft ... assuming he lights it up on Friday. Opinion will then trickle down, reaching the masses by Sunday.

We'll see what happens.