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Gregg Williams To Meet With NFL Security On Monday To Discuss Bounty Program

The trouble is just starting for St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Williams has been summoned to the principal's office in New York City for a Monday meeting with NFL Security about his the bounty system he ran in New Orleans, the subject of a recent investigation by the NFL.

I can only imagine what they will talk about.

The trouble is just beginning for Williams ... and the Saints ... and Sean Payton ... and Micky Loomis.

The Rams are now caught up in this thing too, unintentionally, but caught up nonetheless. They have some decisions to make on Williams' future with the team.

If Williams should be forced to resign, they Rams have some solid options in house, including Dave McGinnis who has been both a defensive coordinator and a head coach. Remember, Williams was the first person Fisher called once he took the Rams' job. There never really was another candidate for the defensive coordinator job.