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2012 NFL Trade Rumors: Cleveland And Washington Holding Out On Price Of Rams' Pick

Winning has not been easy for the St. Louis Rams in recent years. That was supposed to change with the hiring of Jeff Fisher and owning the second overall pick in a draft featuring two gifted young quarterbacks. However, this being the Rams, things are never as easy as they seem. The new coach brought a scandal to town with his defensive coordinator and life-long friend. Now, trading the second pick might not be the 20-yard chip shot it once appeared to be.

Over the last week and a half, since Robert Griffin III wowed the world with his performance in Indianapolis, the Rams saturated the airwaves with trade talk. They talked to the obvious suitors. Mystery teams, teams with concerns other than a rookie quarterback, entered the void. The inevitability around trading the pick morphed into a game of name your own price for the Rams.

Turns out, it may have been a little premature. The customers, potential trade partners, did some pushing back, enlisting the spirit of Williams Shatner to do a little price-naming of their own.

The Post-Dispatch reported on Sunday that the Browns and the Redskins are not yet willing to throw the kitchen sink at the Rams for the second pick.

Cleveland is hesitant to trade the 22nd pick in the first round, and Washington will not put their 2012 second-round pick on the table. Miami is still sore about the whole Jeff Fisher thing, as if the Rams could control for the fact that Stephen Ross owns the Dolphins and employs Jeff Ireland. Seattle is out of the question because they are division rivals.

There is one silver lining in all of this, the Redskins and Browns are reminding fans that the Rams are no longer the most poorly run franchise in the NFL.

I suspect both of those teams will come around, probably once coaches start to think about the tantalizing possibilities of trying to win with Jason Campbell or Kyle Orton.

Take all of this with a grain of salt. The Rams, with assistance from an easily excitable media, had a week to present their side of things in the RG3 sweepstakes. Now, the other side gets to push back. The public side of negotiations.

Free agency starts on March 13, slightly more than a week from now. Peyton Manning will probably get the boot in Indianapolis before March 8, this coming Thursday, injecting some more urgency into the market for quarterbacks and the Rams' second pick.

Teams have the chance to set themselves up for the future with RG3; only the Colts have a similar opportunity. That fact will ultimately drive the price back up where the Rams want it.