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NFL Will Investigate Redskins / Gregg Williams Bounty Connection

He's always watching.
He's always watching.

Yes, I know. We've covered this story from cover to cover (no pun intended on the second link). But according to PFT, the NFL will now begin to investigate whether or not Gregg Williams had a bounty program while he was coaching the Redskins.

This is where shit gets real.

If the league finds that there was a bounty program going on in Washington, it could have serious consequences for the Rams coaching staff and draft plans.

Like Florio said in his article, it goes without saying that Gregg Williams knew about this investigation before the results were published. If he lied about the Redskins when he talked to the league, perhaps thinking it was too far in the past to be brought to light (which would not surprise many; he's viewed around the league as arrogant and incredibly cocky), Goodell could easily bring the hammer down- hard.

There could even be the possibility that he could be banned for life- a shocking penalty, but something that has already been tossed around by various pundits. He may not have been the only one running such a program, but with the league already so safety conscious, they'd be viewed as complete hypocrites if they let him off the hook with light penalty.

Secondly, it could hurt the value of the 2nd overall pick in the draft by taking away one of the most eager trade partners the Rams could have. I find it very difficult to believe that the head coach (or the organization for that matter) would be oblivious to such a system if both the players and defensive coordinator knew about it and talked about it in the open. If the Patriots lost a first round pick, it wouldn't be crazy to think the Redskins could lose the 6th overall selection, basically destroying any chance of the Rams trading down with them.

Let me put it this way: he may not have been the only one who was paying for injuries, but he's the one who got caught. Just ask Pete Rose how he feels.