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St. Louis Rams Current Cap Number And Other Ram News

Well the new cap numbers are out, courtesy of Jason La Canfora. The Rams are sitting real low right now at 4.3 million. That's not really a lot of money, but the Rams can sign a few more players to one or two year contracts. The Rams don't have a lot of money to just be throwing away so they have to be cautious this year.

One of the ways the Rams can gain cap relief is if they decide what they will do to Jason Smith. He's being paid 10 million a year and is currently the highest paid right tackle in the league. If the Rams restructure or cut Smith, it will help the Rams gain cap room.

More Ram news after the jump.

The Rams signed Robert Turner today. You might not know his name, mainly because he started 2 games in 5 seasons, but you will remember him if you watched Hard Knocks when the Jets were the featured team. Come on everyone he's the guy that Rex Ryan asked to fight Vernon Gholston.

Also here is health updates from Jim Thomas on two players that the Rams lost to season ending injuries.

Jason Smith is expected to participate in the Rams offseason conditioning program. Jeff Fisher said that Smith was cleared and ready to go. Also Danny Amendola is almost 100%, he might be at the April minicamp.

That's it for the Ram news.