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NFL Kills LA Stadium Working Group

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This week's headlines have not been positive for Los Angeles fans awaiting the return of the NFL to their city. On Thursday night, Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reported on signs of trouble for the AEG Farmers Field project. Another sign that does not bode well for professional football's return to LA, at least in the near term, is that the NFL has disbanded its "Los Angeles Stadium working group," as reported by Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch.

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke was a member of that committee. He obviously is not a member anymore.

Exactly what the end of that committee signals is not clear. In Cole's report he notes that the NFL has told AEG that it cannot accept the plan for Farmers Field under the current financial structure proposed by the entertainment group. AEG has never sent a revised financial plan to the NFL, despite a request from the league to do so.

There has been some speculation in the past about the league's preference for the downtown project over the one outside the city limits run by Ed Roski. That stadium plan seems even further away from fruition than the Farmers Field project.