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2012 NFL Draft: Trent Richardson Has A Private Workout Scheduled With The St. Louis Rams

Alabama running back Trent Richardson was a topic of conversation on Thursday. Richardson, still not fully recovered from a minor knee surgery, worked out at the Alabama pro day, turning a few heads and confusing the hell out of everyone with 40 times reported anywhere from the 4.4 range to near 4.6, all while he was said to be at about 70 percent. The St. Louis Rams would like to see more from the running back, and according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Richardson has a private workout scheduled with the Rams prior to the draft.

It is hardly a state secret that the Rams have an interest in Richardson. Richardson is widely regarded as the top skill player in the draft, behind only Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Nolan Nawrocki called him the best running back to come out in years.

Richardson might end up being the best player on the board with the Rams pick in the sixth spot. He could also be snapped up by the Browns or Buccaneers, who also have private workouts scheduled with Richardson.

The Rams had Mark Ingram very highly placed on their draft board last year, and seriously considered him with the 14th pick. The coaching staff and general manager are new this year, but this is the same scouting department.

Other players will come in for pre-draft visits, so try not to overreact to this news. More times than not, teams will draft a player they have visited with privately, at least among their first-round choices.