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Bengals Cheerleader Arrested For Having Sex With Student; Even The Cheerleaders Are Trouble In Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bengals' tolerance for scofflaws is legendary. Everyone from Pacman Jones to Jerome Simpson have called the team home. Now the cheerleaders there are getting in on the action. One of the Beg-Gals has been arrested and accused of having sex with a student.

Sarah Jones, high school teacher by day and a Beg-Gal by night, has been indicted on two felony charges, including first-degree sexual abuse. That's a hefty charge that could carry some stiff penalties if she is found guilty.

Making the story even more sordid, Jones' mother, a principal at another area school, has been indicted for tampering with evidence in her daughter's case.

Jones, according to Pro Football Talk, recently won an $11 million suit against a web site that claimed she had a sexually transmitted disease.

Troubled cheerleaders in Cincinnati ... makes you wonder if she will be given the same latitude that the players have in the past.

Here's a photo of Jones.