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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Goes Two Rounds For The Rams

ESPN draft guru, not that one, released his latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft on Wednesday, and just what did his imagined reality predict for the St. Louis Rams? As you'll see, McShay's mock resembles what think of a the new conventional wisdom for the top five picks, the picks in front of the Rams.

Let's take a look.

In the first round, McShay predicts the Rams will take Morris Claiborne. No doubt they would take Claiborne if he is available. The ESPN draftnik with more normal hair has the Browns taking Blackmon and the Buccaneer taking Trent Richardson. It could shake out that way ... or not. The wildcard is Cleveland.

The Rams desperately need playmakers for young QB Sam Bradford, but there are plenty of wideouts to be had down the line, and Claiborne is one of the four best players in the draft and plays a high-value position.

In the second round, McShay has the Rams picking Michigan State DT Jerel Worthy with pick #33 and LSU receiver Rueben Randle with pick #39.

On a Wednesday conference call with Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly, he commented on Worthy's talent, saying he was probably best for a movement scheme, though would fit in almost any. The key with Worthy, he said, was motivating him to play at a high level consistently.

Randle is an intriguing prospect. He showed off some speed in workouts and has some natural ability. At LSU he was the victim of bad quarterback play. He is also another one of those enigmatic LSU receivers. Interestingly enough McShay does not have Mohamed Sanu coming off the board in either round. I don't wonder if he would be a better pick than Randle.