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2012 NFL Draft: Alshon Jeffery 40 Time Answers Some Questions; Will It Be Enough?

South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffery should be back in the 2012 NFL Draft conversation for the St. Louis Rams. According to reports from his pro day on Wednesday morning, Jeffery burned up the track, clocked as fast as an unofficial 4.38 in his forty. More important than the speed itself, Jeffery answered questions about his playing shape after not working out at the Combine and having been rumored to be in the 230-pounds range this spring.

Prior to his disappointing 2011 season with the Gamecocks, many considered Jeffery one of the top receivers in the draft, and a sure first-round pick. His stock has traded much lower than that over recent months.

Without a doubt, his pro day effort should change things for Jeffery. His other workout numbers were strong and he assured teams about his playing shape. One question that will be asked is whether or not he can keep it up between the draft and after he signs an NFL contract.

If teams are convinced that Jeffery's 2011 was an exception rather than the rule, he could be back in the conversation for a late first-round pick. For the Rams, Jeffery would fill a huge need, and with two picks early in the second round, they have to be hoping he falls to them, if indeed these gains are real.