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The St. Louis Rams Really Like Sam Bradford ... Really, Really Like Him

Just in case you had any lingering doubts about Jeff Fisher and his thoughts on Sam Bradford, the news that the Rams turned away trade inquiries for the third-year quarterback should put your mind at ease. According to reports out of the NFL owners meeting on Wednesday morning, reported by ESPN and other outlets, the Cleveland Browns were one of those teams inquiring about the possibility of a trade for Bradford. The Rams were not interested.

Fisher cited the presence and potential of Bradford when choosing the Rams over the Miami Dolphins in January. Still, having the second pick in the draft held out the possibility of drafting Robert Griffin III, and starting over the rebuilding process with a new name under center.

That the Rams opted for Bradford over trading him underscores just how much the team values the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft and what kind of potential they see for his future.

Fisher reiterated his original point about Bradford.

:Last year was a difficult year for him," Fisher said. "It was a difficult year for the entire Rams offense because of different different circumstances. There's no question after watching tape of his rookie year that he has a chance to be special."