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NFL Trade Rumors: Cleveland Browns A Potential Trade Partner For St. Louis Rams

More trading for the Rams? Fisher says it's possible.
More trading for the Rams? Fisher says it's possible.

The Cleveland Browns could still be trade partner for the St. Louis Rams, despite their failed attempt to land the Rams' second pick and public sniveling after the fact. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Jeff Fisher acknowledged the possibility of the Rams and Browns dancing for the fourth and sixth picks.

Moving up to the fourth spot may be a little high up though, per Fisher. This is pure pre-draft smoke screen, anything is possible chatter. Fisher left open the possibility of moving up or down, which could put the Browns' 22nd pick in the Rams' sights. With the 22nd pick, the Rams could likely land one of the second tier receivers in the first round or other players.

Moving up to four, could be more interesting depending on who the Vikings, who pick third, select. If Matt Kalil is still on the board in the fourth spot, that could be an enticing pick, even Morris Claiborne. Blackmon is a good receiver and would benefit the Rams, but trading up to the fourth spot to get him is probably overkill.

Do not rule out the possibility of Trent Richardson being high on the Rams' draft board either. This is the same scouting staff that put Mark Ingram very high on the board last year. Some say that Ingram would have been the pick if Robert Quinn had not fallen to #14. With Richardson and a coaching staff that values the running game, he could very well be the pick.

The Rams have two second-round picks which could make wheeling and dealing easier.