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Random Ramsdom 3/28: Kroenke Talks


Hey everybody! Last night the news came out that the group led by Magic Johnson bought the Los Angeles Dodgers, beating out two other bids, one including Rams owner Stan Kroenke. There was speculation that if Kroenke purchased the team, he would use the land around Chavez Ravine to build a new football stadium and move the Rams out to LA. Since Stan didn't buy the Dodger, this seems unlikely, but not impossible. Kroenke will still be looking for the best deal for him and the team. He won't give St. Louis any type of hometown discount because he is from Missouri. Moving the team is still a real possibility, but this is still a positive sign for St. Louis.

Links after the jump.

Jim Thomas interviews Stan Kroenke

Jim Thomas had a fantastic interview with the Rams owner. They discussed many things, but if you're looking for anything about the Dome negotiations, Stan gave the typical no comment.

"There's a process," he told the Post-Dispatch. "We continue to honor the process. And we have agreed with the parties involved that we won't do any public commenting on this."

Browns a possible trade partner for the Rams?

According to, and other sources, Jeff Fisher has said the Browns at 4 are a potential trading partner for the Rams. I would still think this to be very unlikely. Unless the Rams have a total draft crush on Blackmon or Richardson, there is no reason to trade up. It seems more likely that the Rams will stay put at 6. Also, Fisher said that team did inquire about trading for Sam Bradford. Obviously the team decided to trade the 2nd overall pick instead. I would say this speaks to how highly Fisher and Co. think about Sam Bradford.

Robert Quinn interview

Derrek Ciapala from Yahoo Sports took the time to interview the Rams DE. He asked Quinn about his brain tumor, his offseason training program, and his transition from college football to the NFL. It's a great interview. Read it y'all. Also look for part 2 of this interview to come out later today.

That's all for today. Have a good one and GO RAMS!