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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 2, Pick 3

The Vikings picked Dontari Poe with their last selection (at 25, after a trade with the Broncos). RG31 is here to make their first second round choice:


Jamell Fleming, CB, Oklahoma

Pick Grade:


"Jamell Fleming is considered a first round prospect by some and a top 5 corner by just about everyone. He is physical in the run game and has great cover skills.
Why I went with CB?

The Vikings best CB is 35 and coming off back to back seasons that ended in injury. Their second option also came back from multiple injuries and didn't perform. Their best option to replace one of those two may spend the upcoming season in a jail cell. Combined with how awful the secondary performed in 2011, it may be the worst unit in the league.

Need I say more?"

Analysis after the jump

The Vikings are wise to look for CB help, that is for sure. They were quite the dysfunctional team last year and adding talent to key positions should allow their defense to play much better. Here, it's a toss up for cornerback as both Fleming and Alphonzo Dennard are still available.

Both have certain issues with their game, but the need is too great to pass up. This is a solid pick and the Vikings can go for a player who fits a need rather then the best player available given the fact that they have another 2nd rounder later on.

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