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More Bounty Trouble For Gregg Williams?

St. Louis Rams erstwhile defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely, which we can take to mean something longer than just the 2012 season, which was the punishment merited out to Sean Payton. With the bounty scandal cropping up again on Monday at the NFL owners meeting, comes news that this may not be over for Williams.

According to Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports, reports of Williams' bounty program in Washington are being looked into by the league. Here is what Kirwan said on Monday:

My first reaction was what else can they do to Williams, but if more bounty business starts trickling out from Washington, he might never return to the NFL. Of course, that is a distinct possibility already.

There really is no reason to push the bounty investigations any further. The league handed down an unprecedented discipline in the case, and Williams would be the one most significantly impacted by a deepening the investigation. The scarlet letter attached to his baggy sweatshirt might turn into a tattoo.