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2012 NFL Draft: Late Pro Days Could Impact Rams' Big Board

South Carolina WR Alshon Jefrey was the top WR prospect a year ago.  12 months is a long time.
South Carolina WR Alshon Jefrey was the top WR prospect a year ago. 12 months is a long time.

The pro day season is all but wrapped up as March comes to a close. And with two of the bigger programs holding their pro days late in the season, the Rams could well find themselves looking at two receiving prospects that may very well be in play for the Rams early in the 2012 NFL Draft.

On Wednesday, South Carolina holds its pro day with three major prospects looking to help their stock: DE Melvin Ingram, CB Stephon Gilmore and WR Alshon Jeffery.

Some notes on their pro day and Notre Dame's (on Apr. 3) after the jump.

Don't worry. Gamecocks Head Coach Steve Spurrier may have no qualms ditching his shirt and poppin some banquet beer at a NASCAR race, but I'm all but assured he'll avoid going topless to his team's pro day.

After last year's draft, Jeffery was the consensus best WR looking ahead to this year's event. I had him as an easy top 10 prospect. He had bossed consistently throughout 2010, including a ridiculous 9-catch, 130-yard performance in the Chick-FIl-A Bowl to cap off his sophomore year. Then 2011 happened.

Jeffery's production was fractioned. He looked out of shape. He played out of shape. He didn't dominate the way he did as a sophomore (and yes, his quarterback play sucked, but it certainly wasn't good in 2010...*insert Stephen Garcia joke here*). He's an enigmatic prospect who showed the potential to be the sole top tier WR in this year's draft. Instead, he left a hole that fans are filling with Justin Blackmon. Such is life.

A week from tomorrow, Notre Dame holds their own prospect showcase, led by WR Michael Floyd. Floyd has a solid support base here at TST, and for good reason. A big wide receiver who's athletic for his size, Floyd was a reliable target in South Bend for the past two years. He's good solid hands and ran a pretty full route tree. But he's not impressively quick, nor does he have great top speed.

So let's take the WR position for this post, and just for argument's sake, let's hypothetically assume Justin Blackmon isn't available. Do you feel comfortable with any other WRs at #6? What about in round 2, who's in play in your opinion?

Personally, I feel the Rams are hamstrung and have to take a WR with one of their first two picks (I still lean toward Kendall Wright). Do you agree, or would you feel comfortable taking two top talents at other positions?

Have at it.