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Random Ramsdom, 3/26: Please Shut the Bounty Gate


Peyton Manning has chosen his retirement home and Tim Tebow now watches over Gotham City, thus leaving us with nothing left to talk about except free agency and the draft. Right? Wrong.

It's the story that just won't die. More evidence, more scrutiny and heated opinions abound. A dark storm cloud continues to hang over Rams Park, dampening the most electrifying off-season that the franchise has had in over a decade. But we'll get to that soon enough, after the jump.

In the meantime, here's some quick news for your Rams pleasure. Are the '99 Rams the best team of all time? You can decide.

Vote for the NFL's All Time Team at

In the quarterfinals of the NFL Bracketology tournament, the 1999 St. Louis Rams find themselves in a neck and neck bout with the 1976 Oakland Raiders. I trust that Rams Nation won't allow the "storybook season" to be engulfed by the Black Hole, but make your vote count anyway. This winner of this match seems pegged to take on Ditka's 1985 Bears. Voting ends today 5PM ET.

Rams get younger on defensive line - Jim Thomas

With the addition of Kendall Langford, and the departure of three notable veterans, the Rams now have a fierce combination of energy and youth along the defense's front-four. Thomas states that both Langford and new offensive anchor, Scott Wells, are "excited" for the future of their team.

On whether Manning blew his best shot - Mike Sando

Did Peyton Manning make the right choice? NFC West blogger, Mike Sando, weighs in, citing "unrealistic expectations" behind the 49ers as a possible motive for Manning's decision.

Williams reportedly offered $15K to knock out Brad Johnson -

The hits just keep on coming, or seem to wherever Gregg Williams is present. If it takes $15K to stop Brad Johnson, I shudder to think what may have been on the line for Kurt Warner? At any rate, such a reward would all but cover the cost of a first-time offender's fine.

Top 5 NFL scandals - Mike Sando

Where do Bountygate and Spygate stack up against other recent damages to the NFL's reputation? Regardless, both will continue to leave a bad taste in the mouths of Rams fans for a long time.

Updated WalterFootball Mock Draft (3/21)

Last week we got a bit of a surprise at #6 when Sports Illustrated's Don Banks rolled out his latest mock draft. Here is a mock which you should have a much easier time wrapping your mind around, and this one has five rounds!

Michael Brockers takes a step forward at LSU pro day - MockingTheDraft

Brockers is a player who has increased his draft stock over recent weeks, mostly at the expense of the Rams. If the DT out of LSU was seen worthy of the #6 pick after a lackluster combine, I can only assume a much improved performance at his pro day helps his cause?

Bountygate bombshell: Williams, Payton suspended - Jim Thomas

If you haven't yet gotten your fill of "Bountygate" fallout, this is a good read from the Post Dispatch. Along with Williams and Sean Payton, Saints GM Mickey Loomis and assistant HC Joe Vitt will also be serving suspensions of eight and six games respectively. Who is running the team, you ask?

How would the Saints operate under Carmichael or Spagnuolo? - Brian Billick

Merely a couple of months ago, it was a foregone conclusion that Steve Spagnuolo would have to work his way back up to ever operating another franchise. Circumstances have changed drastically. Should the Saints allocate control to Spags? He certainly has more experience than Carmichael.

Rams sign offensive lineman - Jim Thomas

It's been a quiet week for Rams in free agency since their first three notable signings. The team's latest acquisition is one whom fans are already familiar with. Quinn Ojinnaka is expected to assume the third tackle position, likely ending Adam Goldberg's tenure with the team.

Rams face first test since reconstruction began -

More on how Williams' suspension has impacted the Rams. A rebuilding franchise, in talent and reputation, doesn't need the stigma or distraction of scandal floating over its head, no matter how innocent it was.

Former Viking claims coach taught how how to injure quarterbacks - Pro Football Talk

What if I told you that NFL teams and players have been purposely inflicting injury to one another since long before the Williams debacle? You would not be surprised. Former Vikes D-lineman Brad Culpepper says that he actually worked on attacking the knees of QB's in practice, although money was never involved.

Griffin hasn't conceded top pick to Luck - Pro Football Talk

Robert Griffin III is congenial and talented, so it is his solemn duty to compete for the number one overall pick in the April's NFL Draft. No one should bear the burden of being the unequivocal #2 when #1 is so reachable. Plus, I'm rooting for RG3 to go first.

Griffin v. Luck is a topic which will receive relentless amounts of attention in the next month. So much so that we've decided (thanks to Douglas M for suggesting the video) to include this for added debate. SI's The Press takes a look at early expectations for 2012's top two headliners.

What's your opinion? Let us know in the comments.