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2012 NFL Mock Draft: TST Community First Round

Mar 22, 2012; Stanford CA, USA;  Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck during pro day at Stanford Practice Fields.  Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE
Mar 22, 2012; Stanford CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck during pro day at Stanford Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

It's been a long time since we started the 2012 Community Mock Draft and it certainly isn't over with all of the second round left to be selected. I'm finally able to relax after my four hour test ending this morning (yes, Saturday morning. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be fired).

I'm not feeling a lengthy, dry-comedy-like intro, so let's just go straight to the picks...after the jump.

Pick Team Player My Best Mel Kiper Imitation
1 Ind_medium_medium Andrew Luck Pretty obvious pick. Unless the Colts are secretly in love with Robert Griffin, I think this is going to be a sure bet. Great pick by mgaines4.
2 Was_medium Robert Griffin III Did Brick Top know something we didn't? After the pro day Griffin put on, I don't think there is any doubt that he's option 1b instead of option 2.
3 Den_medium Justin Blackmon OK, is it just me, or did Doug play us all for fools? Not only did they get the best receiving option in the draft, but they also signed Peyton Manning. What seemed like a crazy pick actually became something good.
4 Cle_medium Matt Kalil I'm not sold on Kalil as a right tackle, but ocruz1 picked the best player available. Would I have gone for Claiborne or Richardson here? Yes. But you can't deny Kalil's talent.
5 Pit_medium Trent Richardson I'm still not sold on this pick by Rcoon1307. He's very talented and worth this pick, but I'm not sure if he's worth trading up that much for. The Steelers offense with Richardson could be downright scary though.
6 Stl_medium Morris Claiborne Charlie Pankey made a killer move by nabbing Claiborne at 6. I don't think this could pan out in the real world, but boy, wouldn't it be sweet if it did?
7 Jac_medium David DeCastro warriorsrise went for talent here, picking quite possibly one of the best guard prospects to come around for a long time. Plus, nothing sells tickets like All-Pro guards! or Tim Tebow.
8 Car_medium Michael Brockers Brockers stock has been moving all over the place. But the Panthers MUST address their defense, and that is exactly what jshapgee did. Brockers has a high upside, just like another player drafted by the Panthers. Hint, his name is Cam Newton, and that turned out pretty good.
9 Mia_medium Riley Reiff The Dolphins are so desperate for a QB that they may take Tannehill here. They've lost out on every single option this year. Rieff would still be a good pick and Will not be defeated made the right decision based on talent, but the Dolphins are still looking for that one QB they need.
10 Buf_medium Courtney Upshaw What a difference free agency makes? If the Bills drafted Courtney Upshaw in addition to signing Mario Williams, they'd have a defense capable of creating a lot of pressure. Either way, iplaythedrums made a good pick.
11 Kan_medium Ryan Tannehill Ryan Tannehill or Matt Cassel? This is not a good question for any Chiefs fan. But if waggs07 didn't pick him, he'd be gone soon enough. QB desperate teams do desperate things.
12 Sea_medium Quinton Coples With the additions the Seahawks have made, their defense could be very, very good. Coples is a top talent and with the NFC West offensives lines being anything but set, it's a great pick here by Ramfan from Seattle.
13 Chi_medium Michael Floyd Floyd's stock is seeming to rebound from his off the field issues. Ramswo85 made a good trade up to get someone who probably wouldn't have fallen to 19.
14 Janoris Jenkins Janoris is a talented CB who fits the bill as a Cowboys-type of player. RAMSALLTHEWAY make a good pick here, but Dallas may be enticed by other options at 14.
15 Phi_medium Luke Kuechly I made this pick, and I still stand by it. I think Kuechly gives them a good center of the defense for the already nearly-fired Jaun Castillo.
16 Nyj_medium Jonathan Martin The Jets haven't been known for drafting too much in the past few years, but they've struck gold on the offensive line. Martin would be a great addition to the right side and is a good pick by whiteout.
17 Cin_medium Lamar Miller I'm not sure about this pick at all, mostly because I think Lamar Miller would be available later on. However, I can't fault ramsfanindia for going out and getting the guy he wanted.


Cordy Glenn The Chargers lost some offensive lineman this offseason. This is why I went with Cordy Glenn. I think he's going to be good and is worth the selection here.


Mike Adams was2234 snatched up Mike Adams after I passed on him. I think he needs some work, but he's a good prospect at this point, especially after the trade the Cardinals made.


Dre Kirkpatrick The Titans replace Cortland Finnegan and snag someone with some serious potential. Telekinesis wasn't afraid to pick someone with 'character issues' and it's a great value pick.
21 Cin_medium Peter Konz I like this Bengals pick better, but I'm not sold on changing Konz to a guard as ramsfanindia suggests. I think Konz would be a good fit at guard, but I think his maximum potential is at the center spot.
22 Cle_medium Melvin Ingram The Browns get some serious talent by selecting Matt Kalil then Melvin Ingram. They still need to add some offensive firepower, but I think they have a good opportunity to do so at #37. Great pick by ocruz1
23 Det_medium Nick Perry The Lions probably should look for offensive line help here, but most of the second level of players has been taken already. Perry was a combine warrior and personally, I think the only thing better than a pass rush is MORE PASS RUSH. Good pick by Alex.lanser
24 Tam_medium David Wilson I'm not sold on this pick. Why trade down and select David Wilson when they could have selected Trent Richardson? Of course, the slew of picks the Bucs received should help, and I applaud linus98 for having the stones to move down when elite prospects were available.
25 Min_medium Dontari Poe I stole this pick from RG31, but I think he'll get over it considering how far Poe has fallen. They are saying he may even go to the Rams at six, so I'd think a team desperate to replace their aging middle would be ecstatic to find a player who some think is a top five pick at twenty five.
26 Hou_medium Kendall Wright Andre Johnson is about it for the Texans in the passing game. Adding a player like Wright gives them more options, which could really make the offense explode if Schaub can stay healthy. No brainer pick by Danteslion.
27 Nep_medium Stephen Gilmore

Patriots with a DB? Josh Wehrle made a good pick here. Did you really expect Julian Edelman to stay in the secondary? Neither did I.

28 Gbp_medium Bruce Irvin Reach aside, Irvin has tremendous upside. He's a workout warrior who looks like he has a real talent for rushing the passer. If the Packers could develop him alongside Clay Matthews? Scary. Reach aside, a good pick by Matthew.Hanen
29 Bal_medium Devon Still Another dropping defensive tackle snatched up. Still is a great pick at 29 and the Ravens found a good player to help rebuild that old, old defense. Solid pick by Joe Mazzi
30 Sfx_medium Kevin Zeitler This is a great pick for a team very close to a super bowl berth. They've kept most of the pieces together and by adding talent like Zeitler, it makes them even more dangerous. How can I argue with Fooch anyway? Good pick by dbcouver.
31 Phi_medium Mark Barron Rickforking made an excellent pick here. I think that Kuechly and Barron make a great center for the defense, and with another pick in the second round, they have an opportunity to really add some serious talent.
32 Nyg_medium Dont'a Hightower I'm not sold on Dont'a with the Giants, but RAMpage28 sure is (FACT). If the Giants are looking for a linebacker, there aren't many other players to look for here.