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2012 NFL Trade Rumors: Looking For Wide Receivers

Wide receiver proved to be a slippery commodity in free agency this year. If only the St. Louis Rams' current bunch of receivers could get separation just as easy, then the Rams might not be up against the wall looking for receiver help in their scoring-starved offense. There may still be another route for the team to get some pass catching help.

Head coach Jeff Fisher mentioned the possibility of trading for a receiver at a press conference last Wednesday. It was less a suggestion than the coach leaving the door open for all possibilities, as he mentioned the draft and remaining free agents as well.

Teams are not exactly lining up to deal away receivers, the position being kind of important in today's NFL. Many of the players that could be had via trade would not represent an upgrade for the Rams. Nevertheless, there are a few names out there that could be trade targets, providing their current teams want to deal. The Rams have two second-round picks and a pick in each round other than the fifth that they could use to swing a deal.

In our latest edition of TSTv, I took a look at four potential trade targets and a fifth player that might get released in the near future.

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