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NFL Free Agents: Who's Left?

Remember the thrill of free agency last week? Wading through Twitter for the latest scoop from Adarn Schefter, refreshing your page until the HTML code refused to work under those conditions any more ... those were the days, mainlining free agency news and speculation into your otherwise subdued work week. Now, third-tier linemen are the thing everyone's talking about to get their free agency kicks.

Fortunately the Rams avoided, for now, Chiefs tackle Barry Richardson, a linemen who would have been the worst even among the flimsy caution tape that was the Rams' line last season.

The Rams still have some needs to fill, needs that might be best addressed in free agency, including backup quarterback, defensive line depth, offensive line depth, receivers and outside linebackers.

So who should the Rams be looking at? Let's crowdsource this discussion. You, gentlepeople, know the game of football rather well. Take a look at this list of the remaining free agents and give us your opinion on who the Rams should be looking at.