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2012 NFL Draft: 3k's Tiered QB Big Board

We're into pro day season where 40 times are shaved like Ryan Fitzpatrick's head. It's the period after the combine where prospects who were sloppy, slow and unathletic are transformed into freakishly fast Adonises.

So with that in mind, I'm rolling out big boards for every position broken down by tier. Why tiered you say? I say why ask why. Try Bud Dry (old school, yo).

Enough being bored. More seeing board.

Tier Rank Last First Team Year Age Height Weight
1 1 Luck Andrew Stanford Jr. (RS) 22 6'4" 234
1 2 Griffin III Robert Baylor Jr. (RS) 22 6'2" 223

Shocking, I know. But hey, there's video to go with it:

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The rest of my board if you're the anti-YouTube type (does that exist?) and some thoughts after the jump.

Tier Rank Last First Team Year Age Height Weight
2 3 Foles Nick Arizona Sr. (RS) 23 6'5" 243
2 4 Weeden Brandon Oklahoma St. Sr. (RS) 28 6'4" 221
2 5 Cousins Kirk Michigan St. Sr. (RS) 23 6'3" 214
2 6 Tannehill Ryan Texas A&M Sr. (RS) 23 6'4" 221
3 7 Lindley Ryan San Diego St. Sr. (RS) 22 6'4" 229
3 8 Osweiler Brock Arizona St. Jr. 21 6'7" 242
4 9 Wilson Russell Wisconsin Sr. (RS) 23 5'11" 204
4 10 Coleman B.J. Tennessee-Chattanooga Sr. (RS) 22 6'3" 233
4 11 Keenum Case Houston Sr. (RS) 24 6'1" 208
5 12 Kinne G.J. Tulsa Sr. (RS) 23 6'1" 234
5 13 Davis Austin S. Mississippi Sr. (RS) 22 6'2" 219
5 14 Moore Kellen Boise St. Sr. (RS) 22 6'0" 197
5 15 Harnish Chandler N. Illinois Sr. (RS) 23 6'2" 219

Foles at 3?! Yes. Foles at 3. I've long touted his game with profound, rational analysis and exceedingly unique viewpoints. Allow me to recap.


On Weeden, I think he might be the most pro-ready QB in the draft. But after his rookie contract, he'll be on the wrong side of 30. It's hard to invest much in a guy who's older than many draft picks from half a decade ago.

I'm not sold on Brock Osweiler being able to compete until he's received a few years of tutelage. I watched four ASU games this year, and I've gone back and watched two; I'm concerned about his commitment to his arm. He shows a willingness to wait for his primary look to get open and then make a throw he often shouldn't.

And I'll be honest - the B.J. Coleman pick is based entirely on building conventional wisdom. I'm not a small school guy, but some voices I respect are saying that he possesses the right things to make it at the next level.

Don't worry, Rams fans. As we get to the other positions, things get more relevant.