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Random Ramsdom, 3/22: So Much For A Slow News Day

The St. Louis Rams were in the news yesterday.
The St. Louis Rams were in the news yesterday.

Tim Tebow, bounty scandals, rule changes ... I thought yesterday was going to be a slow news day in the NFL, an aimless Wednesday in late March. Nope. The editorial queue here at TST is backed up like a man who ate nothing but cheese and peanut butter for two weeks.

Allow me to start digging my way out of it with a Thursday morning Random Ramsdom.

A quick programming note, 3k has a draft video dropping and I have one on potential trade candidates at the receiver position posting today. So be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And we'll have lots more on the site as the day goes on, keep checking back.

NFL Rule Changes: Proposals To Extend Trade Deadline, Change Instant Replay - The NFL is proposing a baker's dozen of changes to league rules and bylaws. Among the more notable is an automatic video replay on turnovers, extending the trade deadline by two weeks and a change to the injured reserve rule that's a year late for the Rams.

Bernie: Goodell shows no fear - Miklasz pens a good column on the Gregg Williams scandal. Beyond the Goodell issue, he tackles the matter of Williams' and Jeff Fisher's friendship and whether or not Williams will be back in the NFL next year.

Khan has some explaining to do to Gabbert - Shad Khan has yet to own the Jaguars for a full season, and he spent most of the last two days pushing his front office to chase Tim Tebow. Then the Jets won out anyway. Khan issued a statement in the wake of what had the makings of a PR nightmare.

Gordon: Rams rinse their Bountygate stain and move on - Gregg Williams may not be around until some time next season, when the league makes a decision about whether or not to reinstate him. Whether or not that will be with the Rams remains to be seen. It's likely that Williams does not return for some time.

2012 NFL Draft: Iowa State Pro Day Report - has a nice breakdown on the Iowa State pro day from Tuesday. There are a couple prospects here that could/should be on the radar for the Rams.