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Jeff Fisher Press Conference - Moving On (and Not Hiring a New DC)

Jeff Fisher just wrapped up his press conference relating to the NFL's suspensions for the bounty program in New Orleans. In all, it was pretty unspectacular.

Fisher didn't know about the program at the time of the Gregg Williams hiring, and said that had he known, he wouldn't have made Williams the defensive coordinator. I call BS, but it's irrelevant. The fact is, he's on record now saying he had no knowledge of the program and that wraps everything in a nice little bow.

Of more immediate importance is that Fisher said the Rams won't be hiring a new defensive coordinator to come on board in place of Williams. In all likelihood, Dave McGinnis will take over defensive coordinator responsibilities - a role he held with the Arizona Cardinals for five seasons before taking over as head coach for the next four.

My one takeaway? Fisher's experience is insanely blatant. For a story as big as this (and with repercussions for Williams, Sean Payton and the Saints in general as severe as they are), Fisher handled it with obvious ease. And he summed everything up perfectly - "We're moving on. We have to win games."

It's that simple. The league has evicted Gregg Williams from his NFL home for at least a year. It will be something we have to revisit then. But for the next 12 months, the focus is going to be on the team as it exists in the interim.

Moving on.